Get Productive

For get productive I decided to try out Evernote . My wife is required to travel a lot for her job so a lot of our home chores fall on me. The last thing you want to do after travailing all week is to spend your Saturday morning getting groceries or going to the gas station so I am happy to take on those things during the week. While Evernote has a lot of cool features I am trying it as a way of building a to do list that both of us can see and contribute to. By downloading the Evernote app on our phones and using it to record things that need to get done during the week I can keep better track of items. This updates our current system where I write things down on sticky notes as I think of them and then leave the sticky notes on the kitchen table when I leave to go to town. We are just now implementing this new system but I think it will be a marked improvement over our current one.

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