Not-So-Final-Project Part One

As a 9th grade Social Studies teacher I am confronted with a question of how to build digital citizenship instruction into my classroom while still covering curriculum requirements. What I landed on was to design a lesson on web literacy and fact checking.

Looking at the Kodiak Island Borough School Districts Social Studies Curriculum I was able to tie a lesson on developing web literacy into understanding current events. I proceeded to create a google slide presentation and lesson plan (both displayed above) to act as high level instruction for my students in developing web literacy and fact checking media sources. The google slide show I developed uses active engagement questions, embedded instructional videos, and a short culminating assignment to gauge students understanding of the topic.

This lesson is a high level overview the very complex topic of developing web literacy. My hope is that by providing instruction for students around web literacy and fact checking that I can get them critically thinking about the information they encounter and taking steps to determine its authenticity before accepting it as fact. There is a lot of information out there on developing web literacy. For this lesson I decided to lean very heavily on Mike Caulfield’s work Civix Releases New Online Media Literacy¬†Videos. I chose to use these because they do a great job of incorporating a huge amount of information in a format that is easily understood by a 9th grade audience and short enough to fit a cone class period lesson.

While this lesson was designed to be a high level introduction it does provide a platform for further discussion with my students about digital citizenship and our responsibilities in being face responsible online citizens. Hopefully through addressing the topic we are able to build and grow our knowledge and abilities as digital citizens during the semester in conjunction with our knowledge of civics.

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