Privacy Matters

I completed this assignment prior to the readings being posted. While I noted that the readings were missing and that this was unusual for Professor Lott I took the statement “I’m not requiring that you read all of them or that you are limited to only these…go where your exploration of the questions takes you!” as permission to design my own response to the assignment. Once the readings were posted I went back to read several of them. While I inevitably decided not to make any changes to my screen cast video I did see that the shortcomings of my exploration were in the history of privacy. I payed no attention to where the idea of privacy came from and how we got to a point where it is legally protected. In exploring this facet of privacy I found the video and the reading extremely informative.

Does Technology Affect our Privacy?

How To Navigate The New Data Privacy Laws

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  1. Hi Sam,

    I thought it was interesting how you discussed how we like the idea of privacy but we will do anything to save a buck. I think that is a fair point in that we want privacy but we aren’t willing to do the work to get it. I also liked how you shared that tidbit about snapchat because I didn’t know that you could see where people are using that app. To me that is a little bit scary that people have that much information. I also saw on Abdulallah’s post ( he talked about privacy being a give and take which was similar to what you said in that when you agree to give something away you should be getting something in return.
    Good post!

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