Back to the Future

A voice recording explaining how my thoughts have changed over the the last few weeks.

A note on making the recording.

I wanted to branch out and try the voice recording feature that was pre-loaded on my laptop. The name of the app is just voice recorder. Pulling up the app and making the video was super easy. I was then able to save the recording to the media file on my computer. I went to upload the recording to my blog and I ran into issues. The ma4 audio file was not able to be uploaded and the blog. After turning to my handy dandy google search I found out that the file needed to be converted to an mp3. I read further and iTunes was recommended for this. After opening iTunes I was able to ad the recording to my Library and after it was in the library there was an option to convert the file to an mp3. After that it was smooth sailing. Of course this took an hour to figure out and get resolved but hey i’m learning.

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  1. Awesome to hear such concrete observations about your change and growth in thinking. That literacy is a spectrum is a great observation and makes a lot of sense. You note that literacy is about “deriving” meaning from the net…and that is definitely true. What is interesting to me—and maybe this is at the more sophisticated end of the spectrum—is what it means to derive meaning and how much of that process is also about making sense and even making meaning. It’s a deep, implicit question in this stuff: at what point does content and information becoming meaningful and even knowledge?

    Enjoyed your thinking, too, about how the digital world is one of membership and community and thus the definition of citizenship in that context needs to be rich and parallel with the more traditional world of civics education. If I had to identify the Top 10 takeaways from the class, this would be in there…and you didn’t take an inordinate amount of time to come to this line of thought. There’s a lot of complexity in there AND you are spending time learning new technologies. Great work.

  2. On the technical side: kudos for creating a recording, generating the MP3, and embedding it in a post! That is a fantastic skill to have (and one that I know from experience becomes easier over time…the production part anyway).

    You alluded to your process in a comment, but could you share the basics of how you did this: how did you record? How did you make the MP3? And if you used any open web resources, perhaps you could share/link to them?

    1. Thank you for your comments, I appreciate the feedback. I have also added notes about the creation of my voice recording.

  3. Great job on the conversion! Many years ago as an entry-level paralegal I was tasked with doing this. At the time, Google wasn’t much help and trying to find the right compression codex (for free) was challenging, especially for a non-techie.

    For accessibility purposes, I would suggest including a transcript or some kind of captioning to go with your audio.

    1. Deana,

      Thank you for you input, I am hoping to have the opportunity to do other responses in this format, I will see what I can do to make the content of my audio more easily accessible. I may move away from blanket audio and start using exclusively screen cast videos so I can show examples as well.

  4. Hi Sam, great thoughts at the end of the readings. I certainly agree with the idea that digital literacy is a spectrum. I also feel the way you do when you say you’ve had to reevaluate and consider that maybe being online means being in a separate world from ours where people can be digital citizens. I’m still not sure where I stand on that one, but in the past I used to think of online as just an extension of the physical/analog world, and I think I have moved more towards the belief that while they are linked, they are also distinct. Maybe anyone who spends time online gains a quasi dual citizenship?
    Anyway, great job on the audio recording!

    1. Paul,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! While my definition defiantly leans towards the digital world being superstate from the analog world, I also am not sure where I stand. I have formulated an idea that I believe to be true but I could be persuaded otherwise with the right evidence. Either way it has been fun and challenging to think so far outside of my normal wheel house.

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