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For work together Abdulallah, Maureen, Deana, and I chose to work together again for this assignment we decided to make a short slide show using google slides. We discuses options using a group chat on twitter and decided that we would like to make a slide show on fair use. We each volunteered to take a factor and make a slide or two about it with the hope of having a short comprehensive explanation of fair use. This was my first time using google slides, it proved to be just as handy for asynchronous group work as google docs.

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  1. Good! Not only used Google Slides but embedded it all in one!

    One note about slide 9: remember that the amount isn’t just about the amount used relative to the work but also whether the use gets at “the heart of the work.” This is, of course, a judgment call, but I could imagine uses of a large chunk of a work that would be fine or a relatively small one that would not. It’s always about considering the four factors in concert.

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